Taste unique wines with the owners

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Taste unique wines with the owners
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This is an extremely educational and completely atypical wine tour for Mendoza. We have two main goals for this tour for you: 1 - Clearly demonstrate the differences between a big winery operation, a small one, and the implications these differences have into the resulting wines. 2 - While the experience is unique enough on itself because you will be tasting straight from the tanks with one of the owners of the winery, the idea is that you get exposed first to other varieties beyond Malbec but also, within the portion of the tour in which we will be tasting Malbecs, that you clearly understand and identify how important the places where the grapes are grown are and the impact on the flavor profile of the resulting wine. With this in mind, we will talk A LOT about the importance of growing the grapes and irrigation, especially in the context of Mendoza being a high altitude mountain dessert, we will review the processing of the grapes in light of the big vs small winery points of view and understand their implications. After that we will go into the winery and depending on the time of the year you will taste between 6 and sometimes almost 15 different wines straight of the tanks. Lastly, you will be able to see first hand our barrel room and the temperature controlled warehouse we use to store and age our bottled wines before going out the door to the US where we sell more than 90% of our production. Of course, we offer our finished wines at a discount to those visiting us once the tour is finished

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